Friday, February 28, 2014

Zettabyte Monsters

Embark on a quest with your very own Z-Monsters! Z-Monsters in this game are powerful digital creatures that you collect and train to become more powerful through battle. They are capable of learning multiple moves and knowing which ones to use at the right time is the key to success.

Zettabyte Monsters is a collectible card game where you use your Z-Monsters, which are represented as cards, to fight enemies. You play as Drayden, a young man who was not fortunate enough to own a Z-Monster as a child, but now has the opportunity to become a tamer. As a tamer, he will go on a journey battling and befriending Z-Monsters to aid him. Alongside Drayden is Belle, an assistance Z-Monster who helps out the new tamer whenever there is something he does not understand.

• Turn-based RPG/CCG with quick intensive battles.
• 100 Z-Monsters, each with their own stats, moves and description of what kind of monster they are.
• Storyline to play through while exploring.
• Able to get even the rarest cards through battling.
• Explore different areas and battle untamed Z-Monsters.
• 9 types of Z-Monsters. Certain types have an advantage over other types such as Water over Fire.
• Gallery to see your collection of Z-Monsters.
• Items to use during battle bought with coins earned during exploring.

Note: Zettabyte Monsters is free to play, but there are options to purchase things to aid you such as additional monsters.

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