Monday, August 15, 2016

Puzzle Wishes - Characters

Characters for the upcoming dating sim, Puzzle Wishes.

Gwendolyn: Queen of the kingdom you travel to. She's popular because of her compassionate nature.

Helena: She's flirtatious and confident about her looks, but she dislikes how old she is.

Jenny: A cheerful genie who enjoys breaking the 4th wall and talking to the player.

Roxanne: Exploring and fighting monsters is the perfect way to spend a day according to her. She's tough and wants someone equally as tough.

Sabrina: She hasn't been treated well due to the fact that she's a dark angel. People either fear her or insult her which has made her nervous during interactions.

Scarlett: Gwendolyn's twin sister who was born just after her. She's become bitter due to her sister taking the crown. She believes that she would have made a better queen.

Tiana: A hard working girl who has a job a cheap inn. She dislikes lazy people and can't understand how they can sit around doing nothing.