Friday, April 13, 2018

Dimension of Monster Girls

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Morgan's life is going nowhere and he hates it. He's stuck at a low paying job after he dropped out of college. He survives by eating only cheap food in a tiny apartment. When a ship that he's on to visit his parents sinks, he's unable to get to the lifeboats in time. Just before he runs out of air, he sees a light and finds himself in a strange world ruled by monster girls. In this world he encounters three of them, one after the other. Each of them want him to be their husband because there are only females of their species, so monster girls only have humans to choose from if they desire children. Due to how their world works, there is a very short time limit on Morgan's choice. The three girls decide to have one day with him each and one shared day with all of them. Afterwards, he will decide who he likes best.


• Visual novel with choices that affect the story
• Three monster girl heroines
• Four endings (three good and one bad)
• 3-4 hours of reading


Friday, January 26, 2018

My Life as a Maiden

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Maiden's Heart Academy is a strict all-girls high school that is well known for having students that end up being very successful. The girls are also admired for their generosity and politeness. It is at this school that the protagonist, a 17-year-old male, ends up attending after his mother has him enrolled. Although reluctant at first, the headmistress of the school decides to let him in when she meets him and hears that the protagonist was heavily bullied for his feminine looks and personality. The only condition is that he must dress as a girl at the school and keep the fact that he is actually a boy from getting out.


• Five heroines
• Romantic endings for all heroines
• Visible protagonist
• 15 beautiful CGs


Friday, October 20, 2017

Within a Rose

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Wally is just months away from graduating high school when he comes home to discover that his parents have passed away in a car crash. Although they left the house to him, he finds himself very lonely by himself and wishing for someone to live with him. While cleaning his parents' closet, he finds a magic rose, accidentally releasing a dark fairy named Desdemona who was imprisoned centuries ago for attempting to kill the daughter of a king and queen. Wally must get used the new addition to the his household (who insists on staying) and introduce her to the time period she finds herself in. He also has to deal with Desdemona's constant flirting which flusters him to no end.


• Multiple endings (both good and bad)
• First impression matters (affects dialogue throughout the story)
• Two heroines
• Visible protagonist
• 15 CGs


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Puzzle Wishes

Puzzle Wishes is a combination of a dating sim and an actively scrolling match 3.

Playing as an explorer looking for a place to settle down, you come across a magic lamp on your way to a kingdom. In it is a centuries-old genie who grants you a wish to find your soul mate. It turns out that you don't have a soul mate... you have seven!


• Seven girls to romance
• Talk to girls, increase elemental affinity (powers up puzzle pieces) and go on 'puzzle' dates with them
• Fantasy environment
• 49 stages to beat, 7 for each girl
• Partial voice acting for all heroines (by Caitlynn French, Kathy Pfautsch, Bindy Coda and Kaila Nicole)
• Beautiful swimsuit CG for each heroine


Scarlett: Twin sister of the queen who was born just after her. She's become bitter due to her sister taking the crown.
Gwendolyn: Queen of the kingdom you travel to. She's popular because of her compassionate nature.
Helena: She's flirtatious and confident about her looks, but she dislikes how old she is.
Sabrina: She hasn't been treated well due to the fact that she's a dark angel which has made her a little shy.
Roxanne: Exploring and fighting monsters is the perfect way to spend a day according to her.
Tiana: A hard working girl who has a job at a cheap inn you decide to stay at.
Jenny: A cheerful genie who enjoys breaking the 4th wall and talking to the player.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Harvest Master - Crop Guide

Grow and regrow values are the amount of days it takes to reach maturity. For a regrowable crop, once it is harvested, it will return to the previous stage and only require a few more days of watering to reach maturity once again.

Note: ALL crops will die once the season changes, including wheat. This is done to avoid cases where the entire field is filled with wheat, preventing any planting of new crops.

Buy (seeds) Sell Grow Regrow

Corn 60 320 10 4
Turnip 12 200 3 No
Potato 32 580 8 No
Onion 24 420 6 No
Pepper 52 200 8 3
Melon 48 900 12 No


Tomato 56 280 9 4
Carrot 32 580 8 No
Leek 16 270 4 No
Strawberry 52 200 8 3
Sugarcane 20 345 5 No
Cabbage 12 200 3 No


Lettuce 12 200 3 No
Eggplant 60 320 10 4
Pumpkin 44 845 11 No
Raddish 16 270 4 No
Mushroom 24 420 6 No
Grapes 48 170 7 3


Broccoli 32 580 8 No
Cucumber 56 235 9 3
Cauliflower 20 345 5 No


Wheat 30 12 5 2