Monday, February 24, 2014

Zettabyte Monsters - Support

Have any questions about Zettabyte Monsters that are not answered or want to give suggestions? Give me an email at

Can I get rare or legendary cards without using gems?

Yes! After each battle there is a small chance of getting a rare card and a smaller chance of getting a legendary.

How do I transfer saves between devices?

For iOS, sync using iTunes with the device that contains the Zettabyte Monsters save and then restore to the device that you want to transfer it to.

There is currently no method of transferring between Android devices, but it may be added in a future update.

Warning: If you've made an in-app purchase, be careful because uninstalling Zettabyte Monsters will cause you to start over from the beginning if you don't have a back-up on iTunes or if you are playing on an Android!

I didn't receive gems for an in-app purchase. What do I do?

You might not receive the gems immediately. In some cases there may even be a few minutes of delay because of processing. Please wait on the main menu (Drayden's room) until a message saying that the purchase was successful appears. If you have already quit the game before receiving your gems, start the game again, go to the main menu and wait for the message.