Thursday, February 13, 2014

Zettabyte Monsters - Help

Typing Chart
Exploring and Battles
Status Effects

Z-Monsters are digital creatures that you collect in the game. At the start you are given a few to begin with. For each battle you win, you are awarded with another free Z-Monster.

Z-Monster Data:

Rank - Z-Monsters (except Belle) begin at rank 1. Each rank increases the card's level limit by five. The max rank is 4, indicated by the number of yellow stars. Rank can be increased by fusing two of the same cards together.

Rarity - There are three types of rarity, common, rare and legendary. Commons are very easy to find as rewards from battle, but they are weak. Rares are harder to find, but they are stronger. Legendaries are even harder to find, but they are the most powerful out of the three.

Level - Increasing a card's level will increase all of its stats. Each level requires a certain amount of experience which is obtained from winning battles. At rank 1, common cards have a level limit of 25, rares have a limit of 35 and legendaries have a limit of 45.

HP - This is a Z-Monster's health points. Once it hits zero the monster will be down and out for the remainder of the battle. They will be fully restored once the battle is over.

MP - MP stands for magic points. Moves other than Hit cost MP to use. You can't use a move that costs more MP than your monster currently has.

Att - Attack determines the damage done with physical moves.

Def - Defence lowers the damage taken from physical moves.

Mag - Magic determines the damage done with magical moves.

MDef - Magic Defence lowers the damage taken from magical moves.

Spd - Speed affects the turn order. Having a higher speed makes it more likely to go first.

Moves - Each Z-Monster can learn four additional moves. Knowing which moves to use against which Z-Monster is key. A move that the opponent is weak against will cause a red circle to appear on the opponent during the attack. If the opponent is strong against it then the circle will be blue and if the opponent takes neutral damage, the circle will be white.

Typing Chart
This chart shows the strengths and weaknesses of all of the types of Z-Monsters. The first column is the type of the attacking Z-Monster's move and the first row is the type of the target Z-Monster. X means that the move does half the regular amount, O means that the move does double damage and - means that the move does normal damage. For example, the red O in the chart means that a dark move will deal double damage to a thunder Z-Monster.

A move that is the same type as the monster using it will have its power increased by 25%. This can make some moves with a lower base power a better choice to use than moves with a higher base power in certain situations.

The fuse option can be found in the Z-Monsters screen. The first card chosen (it will appear green) will be the base card and the second card (it will appear red) will be the card to fuse it with. ONLY the base card will remain after a fusion! Fusion gives the base card all of the experience of the other card and it will increase the rank if the cards are the same. For example, two Snakes fused, one at rank 1 with 40 XP and the other at rank 2 with 100 XP, will result in one Snake at rank 3 with 140 XP.

After winning a battle you may come across a Goo. These Z-Monsters are weak and not worth raising, but they provide a big boost in XP when fused. They can be very helpful when trying to level up a Z-Monster that is at a lower level than the rest. At first you will only be able to find Blue Goos, but as your tamer level rises you'll be able to find other colours of Goos which are worth more XP.

Exploring and Battles
There are multiple areas to explore in the game. A single attempt at exploration costs five energy. Energy restores at the rate of one per three minutes. If you run out of energy you will be given an option to instantly restore all energy AND as a bonus, increase max energy by five for some gems. Exploring can get you coins for purchasing potions and ethers to restore HP and MP during battles respectively. It can also get you tamer XP. Get enough and your tamer level will go up, fully restoring energy and increasing the max energy by three.

The main reason to explore is for battling. The third thing you can find while exploring are wild Z-Monsters. Battles are 3v3, your party of 3 versus 3 wild Z-Monsters. You have MANY possibilities open to you during battle. You can simply overpower the enemy with your best moves if your cards are strong enough, use moves that the enemy is weak against or use status effects to cripple the enemy. You can also switch cards in the middle of battle for one more suitable, but keep in mind that this costs a turn, so your opponent will be able to attack.

Status Effects
Status Effects can turn a battle around. A Z-Monster inflicted with a status effect could end up losing to a Z-Monster that it would normally have no problem against.

Paralysis (Yellow) - There is a 50% chance the inflicted Z-Monster will not be able to attack when its turn comes around.

Fear (Purple) - The Z-Monster will be completely immobilized by fear. It will not be able to attack until it shakes it off. This takes a certain amount of turns.

Poison (Green) - Poison causes a Z-Monster to lose a percentage of its HP after the opponent attacks.

Weak (Orange) - The Z-Monster's defence and magic defence is reduced by 25%. Attacks will hit a lot harder.

Steal - Certain moves can steal data from the opponent and use it to restore HP. As a trade-off, these moves are weaker than other moves.

These are special limited time areas with a small story. Completing the entire area will reward you with good Z-Monsters. You will need at least one free Z-Monster storage space in order to do events. This is to ensure that you do not miss out on the rewards.

Current Event: Greek Myth
End Date: June 30th, 2014
Rewards: Medusa X (Legendary), Medusa (Rare), Centaur (Rare), Chimera (Rare), Harpy (Rare)

Second Event: Elementals
End Date: May 30th, 2014
Rewards: Angel Knight (Legendary), Water Nymph (Rare), Wind Sprite (Rare), Dark Elf (Rare), Light Angel (Rare)

First Event: Wonderland
End Date: April 30th, 2014
Rewards: White Rabbit (Rare), Alice (Rare), Mad Hatter (Rare), Cheshire Cat (Rare), Red Queen (Rare)

Gems can be purchased with real money. You can use gems for restoring energy when it drops below five, purchasing extra storage space for Z-Monsters or for purchasing better Z-Monsters. There are several options for draws that cost gems. Each draw guarantees a Z-Monster at a certain rarity or better.