Friday, April 13, 2018

Dimension of Monster Girls

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Morgan's life is going nowhere and he hates it. He's stuck at a low paying job after he dropped out of college. He survives by eating only cheap food in a tiny apartment. When a ship that he's on to visit his parents sinks, he's unable to get to the lifeboats in time. Just before he runs out of air, he sees a light and finds himself in a strange world ruled by monster girls. In this world he encounters three of them, one after the other. Each of them want him to be their husband because there are only females of their species, so monster girls only have humans to choose from if they desire children. Due to how their world works, there is a very short time limit on Morgan's choice. The three girls decide to have one day with him each and one shared day with all of them. Afterwards, he will decide who he likes best.


• Visual novel with choices that affect the story
• Three monster girl heroines
• Four endings (three good and one bad)
• 3-4 hours of reading



  1. Man i MUST know if you are going to release a +18 patch for this in the future, this looks AWESOME good job

    1. Sorry, I don't make games with explicit content, so there won't be a patch in the future.

  2. I lobe harvest moon and I found a rip off version I love, but then I found out that the creator had abbondoned it. There is something weird in my opinion about playing an abondoned game. (Sorry bad speller) If you see this I want you to know that you should go back to Harvest master sim. I love it and is the only game I love on my phone. Think about it will you?

    1. I wish that I could have added more, but not enough people are playing it. Google has made the game much harder to find, so I get way less new players than I used to and many who have already beaten the game have moved on.

  3. I would love to see you extend on this universe. I would love to see the other monster girls, or perhaps going to the monster boy world? Either way, you did an amazing job, and I love each character! Keep up the amazing work.