Thursday, February 2, 2017

Puzzle Wishes

Puzzle Wishes is a combination of a dating sim and an actively scrolling match 3.

Playing as an explorer looking for a place to settle down, you come across a magic lamp on your way to a kingdom. In it is a centuries-old genie who grants you a wish to find your soul mate. It turns out that you don't have a soul mate... you have seven!


• Seven girls to romance
• Talk to girls, increase elemental affinity (powers up puzzle pieces) and go on 'puzzle' dates with them
• Fantasy environment
• 49 stages to beat, 7 for each girl
• Partial voice acting for all heroines (by Caitlynn French, Kathy Pfautsch, Bindy Coda and Kaila Nicole)
• Beautiful swimsuit CG for each heroine


Scarlett: Twin sister of the queen who was born just after her. She's become bitter due to her sister taking the crown.
Gwendolyn: Queen of the kingdom you travel to. She's popular because of her compassionate nature.
Helena: She's flirtatious and confident about her looks, but she dislikes how old she is.
Sabrina: She hasn't been treated well due to the fact that she's a dark angel which has made her a little shy.
Roxanne: Exploring and fighting monsters is the perfect way to spend a day according to her.
Tiana: A hard working girl who has a job at a cheap inn you decide to stay at.
Jenny: A cheerful genie who enjoys breaking the 4th wall and talking to the player.

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  1. Cool! I love playing Huniepop(Don't ask) and Candy Crush..but my friend is hoping for a male version of games like these because she's been criticizing me for playing it because there aren't any good male dating sims. Any chance of it?

    1. I was really considering it, but unfortunately puzzle wishes didn't do particularly well, so I can't really justify it at the moment.