Friday, May 30, 2014

Zettabyte Monsters - Greek Myth Update

An event based on Greek Mythology has been added to the game. It will last until the end of June. The grand prize is Medusa X, a powerful legendary card. You can also obtain several other rare cards such as a humanoid form of Medusa X.

A backup system was also added in this update. If for some reason your save file becomes corrupt, the game will load the backup file. Make sure you always quit the game through the 'Quit' button in Drayden's room. This will ensure that your backup is updated.


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  2. I play this game too! Interesting and fun! 😀
    I want to know, can we get a rare monsters and legendary monsters after winning a duel ???

    1. Yes, you have a chance of getting any monster (except one).

    2. and the combining monsters, if we can only merge the same monsters and level up monsters, or we can also combine different monsters and create a new power ?? sorry if I ask too many questions

    3. No, you can't create a different Z-Monster by merging two together.