Thursday, July 25, 2013

Galactic Warrior - Help


SP - SP stands for Shield Points. When your ship takes damage its SP will go down. Once it reaches zero then your ship's HP will start to fall instead. SP recovers slowly over time.

HP - HP stands for Hull Points. This is the basic armour of your ship. Your ship will lose HP when you get hit and have no SP left.

Gold - You obtain gold from destroying enemies or by obtaining coins from asteroids. Use gold to purchase upgrades from the main menu.


There are 6 weapons in Galactic Warriors that you may freely switch between by simply touching their icons.

Laser (top-left) - Basic weapon that fires in a straight path. It is not very strong, but it is cheap to upgrade.

Mines (bottom-left) - A slow, but powerful weapon that when upgraded, will fire in multiple directions.

Wave (top-middle) - The Wave focuses on hitting a wide area of enemies. Useful when the screen is filled with ships.

Lightning (bottom-middle) - Attack that fires forward, but curves back and forth to cover more area than the Laser.

Missile (top-right) - An advanced weapon that fires in a straight path. It is more powerful than the Laser, but it is also more expensive and it uses up precious energy from the ship. As a result, having this weapon equipped will slow down your ship's movements.

Seeker (bottom-right) - Each Seeker is relatively weak, but they are fast and will lock on to an enemy ship. When upgraded enough your ship will launch multiple seekers at once decimating enemies.

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